CDW Corporation

First the Renovation, Then the Upgrade

After our engagement to renovate CDW’s suburban headquarters and warehouse, Partners was also asked to upgrade CDW’s downtown Business Technology Center (BTC), a showroom where business customers can interact directly with CDW sales representatives. CDW is one of the Fortune 100’s Best Companies to Work in America. Innovative renovations and upgrades are part of the company’s strategy to stay on top as a technology industry leader.

Cued In

Partners set out to design a space that took its cue from the recently designed CDW Plaza, located at 120 South Riverside in downtown Chicago. The BTC and office upgrade project began in the reception area. A large CDW logo embedded in the terrazzo flooring draws in visitors through the lobby area. Features include clean lines, stainless steel, and white glass. Striped, porcelain tile leads the way to the BTC, a sophisticated shopping environment.


Red glass tiles and a glowing luminaire attract visitors to experienced salespeople perched at sleek counters that conceal computer screens and glass cases that stock technology products. Folding planes of drywall are repeated from the ceiling to the white counters at checkout. The BTC experience concludes at the portal where it began.

Following the Leader

CDW’s connected office space is a fresh, functional work environment incorporating clean lines and bold statements, all guided by clever navigational décor. Glass office fronts, striped tile flooring, and subtle carpet patterns guide visitors through the space. On the second floor, one 250-foot corridor features an undulating glass wall with the CDW red stripe, drawing the eye through the length of the space.

  • Square Feet: 98,000

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Industry: Technology

  • Key People: