Partners by Design Promotions

Because of their continuous contributions to the Partners by Design studio and to the architecture and design profession, we are proud to announce the promotion of Erika Carey, Andy Christensen, Scott Becker, Jenna Nelson and Tom Rowland, AIA, to Principals. In addition, we are pleased to promote Joseph “Buzz” Leffelman, AIA to the position of Director of Architectural Design.

“As we kick off the New Year, we are proud to share these six recent promotions; the dedication that our studio has shown ensures PBD’s continued success in this new decade” said Ron Carlson, CEO.

Tom Rowland, Managing Principal:

Since joining PBD in 2004 as a project director and licensed architect, Tom has always been a relationship-focused, design-driven leader. He is known for providing some of our largest clients with strategic and innovative solutions while mentoring the PBD studio. His approach ensures creative, budget-respective outcomes in a professional, collaborative manner. His focus will be on promoting the studio’s vision, mission and core values, while implementing plans to achieve long-term goals and objectives. His near-term focus as the new Managing Principal is the continued growth of PBD’s Tenant Interiors department and expanding its Core & Shell capabilities.

Erika Carey, Principal:

Since joining PBD in 2005 as a project director, Erika has led numerous larger scale PBD efforts involving complex, programmatic objectives, each requiring significant Transformational and Workplace Strategy initiatives. Her passion, attention to detail and ability to successfully navigate project challenges has earned her great respect within the industry. She leads our involvement in ONEGlobal Design, a network that augments our design platform on a global level. Erika’s strategic vision and personal touch naturally serves her in this new Principal role.

Andy Christensen, Principal:

Since joining PBD in 2013 as the new business development director, Andy has continued to develop and grow our business partnerships and relationships. A natural leader, he is someone that industry professionals count on for creative solutions and decision making. Taking a client-centric approach, Andy leads PBD’s Business Development (BD) and Marketing teams in efforts to cultivate new and existing relationships. With focus on expanding PBD’s Tenant Interiors department and growing the Core & Shell division, Andy’s ability to foster long-term relationships and understand business decision impacts reinforces his new Principal role at PBD.

Scott Becker, Principal:

Since joining PBD in 2002 as a licensed architect, Scott has worked diligently on behalf of PBD and its clientele. Scott’s energetic optimism and can-do attitude shines through in all of his efforts which has made him a role-model and mentor for many PBD studio members. As one of the studio’s leaders, his ability to provide creative solutions with a solid, technical skillset has led to many successful project collaborations. Scott unites teams and works towards solutions throughout a project’s lifecycle. These efforts are essential in his new role as a studio leader.

Jenna Nelson, Principal:

Since joining PBD in 2015 as a project director, Jenna has established herself as a determined collaborator within both the PBD studio and outside consultants. She is motivated to surpass client’s expectations with creative visioning and design solutions. Jenna has an impressive ability to develop and mentor studio members and is leading PBD’s Sustainability efforts that include a commitment to conservation of built environments. Jenna’s drive and assurance of PBD’s success will serve her well as Principal.

Buzz Leffelman, Director of Architectural Design

Since joining PBD in 2015 as a licensed architect, Buzz has excelled in the development of creative, architectural language on Core & Shell and Interiors projects. Buzz’s new responsibilities as Director of Architectural Design will include continued development of studio-wide design standards, reiterating PBD as a design industry leader. He will be overseeing design presentations and providing direction and support to the studio to ensure high-quality work is created. His deep understanding of building materials, construction methods, integration of engineering disciplines, and building costs and codes will allow PBD to continue to thrive.