PBD Wins Interior Design Firm of the Year

Partners by Design is honored and humbled to take home the 2015 Interior Design Firm of the Year award.  Thank you to the Chicago Real Estate community for your tremendous support of our nominated and recently completed projects: Centro, Enova and Baxalta.

Take a look at some of this years winning projects!


Placed on Crain’s 2015 lists of Best Places to Work, Centro develops digital advertising software to help advertisers streamline digital campaigns. For their office relocation in Chicago, PBD worked to create a balance of Centro’s corporate identity within their new space.



We would also like to extend a special congratulations to Sterling Bay for winning Cosmetic Redevelopment of the Year for their work on 121 W. Wacker, a collaboration between Partners by Design and Sterling Bay.



Recognizing Enova’s goals to foster a young dynamic culture that prizes innovation and new ideas, Partners by Design created a hip corporate space that brings with it a “WOW” factor perfect for employee development and recruitment.  PBD was challenged to enable greater communication, collaboration and continuity across the organization, no matter the function, and with the large open floorplans, we believe we have achieved that goal.



Textura delivers construction management software solutions that boost productivity, reduce risk and help construction professionals work together more effectively across the project lifecycle.



In early 2015, ZS Associates approached Partners by Design for architecture and design services for their 20,000 SF downtown Chicago renovation project.  ZS Associates looked to spend their available dollars in impactful, focused ways – bringing their office space up-to-date with the latest in workplace trends, while appealing to employees, recruits, prospective clients, and staff from around the world that visit the office.



VISANOW is a global immigration services provider integrating the best of both people and technology. They provide a fully transparent and simple way to handle immigration and visa cases from start to finish. They have extensive experience helping individuals and employers navigate everything from work visas and permits to permanent residency. VISANOW want to reduce the stress associated with completing the process so that customers can get on with living their lives.