Cathy Grable

Project Director

  • Education:

    Ball State University

  • Hometown:

    Royal Center, IN

  • Disciplines:

    Interior Design

  • Whether it’s starting a new project, dealing with last minute changes, or overseeing the design process as a whole, few people understand the concept of flow quite like Cathy Grable. Keeping an eye always on the bigger picture, as a project director Cathy is instrumental in gathering information for program requirements, analyzing space options, and monitoring budgets, and believes that the scope and design of a project should closely reflect the specific needs of the client. From beginning to end, and with a uniquely holistic and client-centered understanding of project management, Cathy is diligent in maintaining time and cost requirements, yet flexible enough to recognize and celebrate that design is a human process. As a graduate of Ball State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Environmental Design, her multi-disciplined background enables her to quickly respond to clients’ changing needs, and the diversity of her experience is reflected in her creative approach to each project.