Jeremy Hroma


  • Education:

    University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

  • Disciplines:

    Industrial Design

  • “I’ve always found creating a space where form meets function to be one of the most unique design challenges. Understanding how a space will be utilized gives me the ability to design not only a beautiful space, but one that is intuitive to navigate.”

    With a background in industrial design, Jeremy brings a unique perspective as a studio designer by seeing spaces from a different lens. In his project approach, he consistently thinks about the tactile qualities and ultimately the end user experience. As a team player, Jeremy fundamentally believes that the best designs and projects come out of collaboration. Collaborating and combining the best of each team member’s strengths and experience leads to a responsive result that exceeds the client’s expectations. Jeremy is an integral part of any project team and his favorite part of a project is the juxtaposition of the initial concept (materials, spatial layouts, etc) against the final spatial depictions and physical material end product.