Justine Scrimali


  • Education:

    Illinois State University

  • Disciplines:

    Interior Design
    Envriomental Design

  • “Great design is powerful and allows the end user to feel inspired and at ease when entering into a space.  Great design is transparent for the reason that the functionality of the space is not apparent to the end user, it just works.”

    As a Project Designer at Partners by Design, Justine brings a diverse 7 years of professional design experience to the table. She has worked on an array of project types including, multi-family, higher education, student living, workplace, retail and mixed-use. Her passion for a project is rooted in the test fit juncture of the schedule because Justine enjoys seeing how all of the puzzle pieces fit within the space and then how those puzzle pieces come to life during Construction Administration. Justine approaches projects with a passion for connecting design to nature and the longevity of the planet; how can each design lead to a sustainable future. Small changes to colors, lighting, layout and textiles can easily improve the end users mood and evoke positive feelings.