Karyn Wanaski

Branding Director

  • Education:

    University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Disciplines:

    Architecture, Environmental Branding, Interior Design

  • As Branding Director, Karyn leads her team in seamlessly integrating the physical, experiential expressions of a client’s brand DNA into the work environment. With interdisciplinary training in architecture, design, graphic arts, business, and mathematics, she fuels the deeper dive into an organization’s culture and vision for their brand. Working with a client’s internal executive teams, her innate ability to deeply listen to their goals and clearly identify their vision is integral to creating and implementing design solutions that are strategically sound on both macro and micro levels. Karyn has professional experience with a wide variety of project types of various sizes and complexity levels. Her background, along with her practical knowledge, dedication, energy, and technical expertise has been invaluable in contributing to the success of her projects.