Ron Carlson

Founder | CEO

  • Education:

    Southern Illinois University

  • Hometown:

    Niles, IL

  • Disciplines:

    Architecture + Design

  • Mirroring an eagle flying overhead eyeing all he surveys, Ron Carlson is the visionary force behind Partners by Design. As Founding Partner and Principle Architect since its inception in 1993, Ron has parlayed a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Technology and Business from Southern Illinois University Carbondale into one of the top nationally-awarded and globally-present architecture and interior design firms. With over 30 years of experience in shell building and corporate interior design, Ron has primarily focused on the corporate commercial interior market in Chicago and across the country. Evidenced by his founding of Autoprogram in 2004 and proprietary miSEAT technology in 2012, Ron has continued his entrepreneurial ingenuity and commitment to PBD’s diversification and strategic growth with his keen business acumen and dedication to incubating original forms of thought. As a Registered Architect, inventor, explorer, author, and instrument-rated sea-plane bush pilot, he has aligned the firm’s expertise with promoting creative, smart, and business-minded architects and designers in the service of crafting and executing forwarded-minded spaces that exceed client expectations.