Vincent Steininger

Senior Project Director

  • Education:

    University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

  • Hometown:

    New Berlin, WI

  • Disciplines:

    Architecture, Interior Design

  • Bio:

    Making sure that every detail of the project development process is handled with exacting precision, Vince Steininger’s role as Project Director is mutually informed by his position as Standards Coordinator in the Partners by Design studio. Vince encourages collaboration in his teams through all phases of the design process: from the initial team-based concept generation, to the implementation of that concept into architectural documentation, to the completion of the project’s construction. Coupled with his experience overseeing a multitude of project types, Vince is a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s College of Architecture and a registered architect in Illinois. Utilizing his impressive ability to direct and merge the talents of architects and designers at all levels of expertise, Vince ensures continuity of design intent from a project’s inception to its conclusion.