Answers Media


AnswersMedia, LLC, a Chicago-based creative communications and production company, teamed with Partners by Design for the creation of their multi-functional media studio. The selected loft site provided areas with generous ceiling heights and clerestory windowed atriums, perfect for studio function but a challenge for studio acoustics.

The client’s vision was clear from the beginning – a clean, friendly space with a few “wow” moments. As one enters the space, natural light descends from the full height atrium onto the translucent boardroom glass front. The use of warm, reclaimed woods and shadowy hues compliment the white walls featuring pops of vibrant colors. Quiet inspiration is accomplished through the balance of natural and artificial lighting throughout the space with peeks of color pops at appropriate view points. The open area work zones are an ideal backdrop for the company’s multi-functioned business tasks. The floor materials run swiftly from polished concrete within the studio work zones to carpet and resilient flooring where special attention to acoustics is needed.

Partners worked closely with the Answers’ team of engineers and production crews to ensure the studio spaces performed to specification. Partners designed acoustic provisions with the selected building materials and construction decisions were made with careful and thoughtful precaution. Edit Rooms, Audio Booths and Control Rooms were keenly designed with the proper acoustic balance and multi-leveled adjustable lighting controls. The result was a comfortable and inspired setting for employee and client use.

  • Square Feet: 24,000

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Industry: Advertising/Media

  • Key People: