A Company on the Cutting Edge of Energy

E.ON Climate and Renewables North America is one of the world’s largest owners of renewable power projects and is rapidly expanding its wind, solar, and alternative energy portfolio. The company is committed to providing reliable, low-cost energy services, superior customer satisfaction, and financial success, safety, and quality of life for its employees. For its move to new corporate offices just north of Chicago’s “Loop” at 353 North Clark Street, the company chose Partners by Design as interior architect and designer.

Meeting the Company’s Vision

Our client envisioned a vibrant space to enhance collaboration and communication for its fast-growing, innovative company. The selection of a LEED-certified building reinforced E.ON’s corporate purpose and identity. E.ON also decided to eliminate private offices and create a collaborative, interactive workplace with all employees sitting in an open office environment. To support this decision, conference rooms and meeting spaces were distributed throughout the floor, and an open lunchroom flooded with natural light was equipped with multimedia displays and connection points to encourage collaboration.

Curving design features indicate teaming zones and shared spaces, while adding a dynamic vibe that successfully breaks up large areas of open office. The flexible layout was designed to accommodate future headcount growth of up to 30 percent without increasing real estate needs.

The open plan and sustainable materials, respecting E.ON’s focus on sustainability, create a vibrant employee environment promoting employee interaction. The company’s Chicago headquarters is now the preferred gathering place for employees from around the world, making it a de facto driver of global growth.

  • Square Feet: 28,000

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Industry: Energy

  • Key People: