Fresenius Kabi


Fresenius Kabi engaged Partners by Design to relocate and design a new 100,000 space in Lake Zurich, IL. The move consolidated two companies mid negotiation into two different buildings which included administration in one building and R&D and sales in the other. This was an incredibly fast turnaround with less than six months from project start to move in.

Fresenius Kabi was an incredible challenge in that it was one of the fastest speed-to-market plans PBD has ever worked on. Negotiations for the new space were still taking place in September of 2012 when Partners by Design was hired. Eight months later the tenant moved into the new space.

Features include:
  • Goals were to define a new culture (with the addition of Fenwall), incorporate an adaptable plan as the company grows over the next few years
  • Two new buildings – the administrators are in one and R&D and sales are in the other
  • Workstations and small offices; adaptable conference rooms
  • All new furniture
  • Teaming collaboration space
  • Square Feet: 100,000

  • Location: Lake Zurich, IL

  • Industry: Corporate

  • Key People: