Gray TV | St. Louis


Renovating a tired three-story office building, the Gray TV St.Louis transformation gears towards a modern news station with a hospitality touch. The setup includes two main studios – one for news and another for a morning lifestyle show. A spacious newsroom fosters teamwork, while two control rooms manage the technical aspects efficiently.

In the heart of operations, a double-height sales department encourages collaboration, featuring a dedicated conference room for sales discussions and a “closing room” blending hospitality with deal closures. The exterior addresses practical needs with news-covered parking, an elevated satellite structure, secure on-site parking, and a landscaped area. Setting a tech-savvy tone, a prominent 25-foot LED display in the lobby showcases programming. With a total space of 40,000 square feet, this revamped structure becomes a  hub of modern journalism, balancing functionality and a business-friendly environment.

  • Square Feet: 40,000

  • Location: St.Louis, MO

  • Industry : Advertising/Media

  • Key People: