Heitman Financial

A New Aesthetic

Heitman Financial, a multinational real estate investment management firm, was seeking a new aesthetic that would embody its corporate mission and vision. Partners by Design was inspired by Heitman’s belief that earning and maintaining the trust of clients is integral to success. Our design concept therefore embodied a timeless, professional aesthetic that has become the foundation for the design of Heitman’s expanded space on additional floors at 191 North Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago.

Nothing to Hide

Partners drew from Heitman’s solid business model by implementing a high-end, yet sleek design concept. The space is wide open from the building’s core to the perimeter of the space. The effect is achieved by the use of glass in many interior areas, beautiful cream-colored sycamore, elegantly textured glass, and light stone. Clean lines and straight details evoke the client’s desired straightforward, “nothing to hide” message—one of Heitman’s primary business values.

  • Square Feet: 50,000

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Industry: Financial

  • Key People: