HON Company


The HON 2015 showroom’s design intent is simple and straight forward, with a nod to HON’s roots and heritage.

Starting by taking multiple lines and textures to create one harmonious look that meets all of the end user’s needs. The argyle was selected for its classic style, texture and intricate approach to creating multiple elements appear as one. The 2015 showroom shines new light on a brilliant new fabric alliance that expands the textile options throughout. A nod to Iowa flanks the rear wall of reception showing the majestic Mississippi and the old steel bridge in a subtle appearance.

2015 marks the second consecutive year that PBD has partnered with the HON Company for their merchandise mart showroom renovation. PBD has also renovated the Muscatine IA HON headquarters location.

Environmental Branding by Spark / Photography by Tom Harris

  • Square Feet: 12,000

  • Event: NEOCON 2015

  • Key People: