Pivotal Labs


For Pivotal Labs, Partners by Design has mixed data-driven design concepts with the structure of the historic Merchandise Mart.  The open floor plan and signature workstation configuration complement Pivotal’s unique methodology, where employees work in pairs and share computing capabilities, and expansive writable surface areas increase collaboration and drive ideation among teams. The industrial feel of the space also forefronts its modern aesthetic, combining the warmth of the wood-clad entry area and cozy furniture with the brightly contrasting color of Pivotal’s signage to create a sophisticated, welcoming entrance to the space.

Employees are greeted with a variety of workspace options, including standing height tables, multiple styles and sizes of conference rooms, and lounge areas scattered throughout. With designated areas and walls for integrating artwork and branding, the space is in a constant progression of inventive visualization, where staff engagement allows Pivotal’s office as a whole to feel unique to each employee.

  • Square Feet: 13,200

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Industry: Technology

  • Key People:

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