As leading innovators in XM software, it was no surprise that experience was vital in creating Qualtrics’ new West Loop Chicago space. Chicago plays a central role in the Qualtrics’ brand story. Its first-ever paying customer was Angela Lee, a Kellogg School of Management professor at Northwestern University. Bringing it back home to these Chicago roots was key to creating the Qualtrics’ brand experience for the new office. The 26,000-square-foot space included a 14th-floor relocation and needed to be  modern, brand-forward, and memorable.

The space’s layout, inspired by Chicago’s motto, “City in a Garden,” integrates a series of communal areas (“Parks”) and workspaces throughout to foster collaboration and community.  Noteworthy spaces include a cafe area with a “snack stand,” serving as a coffee bar and brew pub. Booths along the wall create snug nooks for lunch or coworker conversations, while a large TV with an Xbox offers a space to relax and unwind. The central town hall is another showcase of Qualtrics branding. A stadium staircase positioned at one end is accentuated with brand posters and a lit Chicago sign, conveying the feel of a city street adorned with urban art. A wood beam drop ceiling softens the industrial edges, bringing the room to an intimate and engaging level. This all-hands space is an event venue and a team gathering hall. It features large drop-down screens along the floor-to-ceiling windows, facilitating global team interaction within a local space. Flexible workspaces and branded transparent conference rooms are dispersed throughout the floor, offering communal or private spaces. The elevation of the Qualtrics space has resulted in an office thriving on company culture and stands as a success story in industrial chic design.

  • Square Feet: 25,613

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Industry : Technology

  • Key People:

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