Simplex Investments is committed to cultivating an exceptional work environment that allows the unique talents of its employees to flourish. The company’s sophisticated work ethic is not confined to the professional realm; it extends seamlessly into the design of their office environment, creating a space that mirrors the diverse personalities and backgrounds of its team.

Central to the design philosophy for the new Simplex space was a desire to establish a strong connection to the vibrant activity of Chicago’s Loop, capturing the dynamic flow of innovative ideas. PBD focused on a design that is a harmonious blend of sophistication, transparency, and warmth, creating a welcoming atmosphere that encourages collaboration and creativity. The overarching theme of the design revolves around being welcoming and bright, promoting communication, and maximizing access to natural daylight with expansive views of the city. The atmosphere exudes a modest, casual, metropolitan vibe with a subtle touch of industrial style. This combination creates a warm, easy-going environment where people feel not only productive but also comfortable and at home. To enhance the overall aesthetic, the design incorporates accents of natural materials such as concrete, medium/dark tone woods, and plant life.

A variety of workspaces have been seamlessly integrated. From open offices that foster collaboration to private offices for focused work, and well-appointed meeting spaces, every area is curated to meet the diverse needs of the team. The result is a holistic and inspiring work environment that reflects Simplex Investments’ commitment to excellence and innovation.

  • Square Feet: 20,000

  • Location : Chicago, IL

  • Industry : Financial