Recent Promotions and Milestone Achievements

Our team is a strong, supportive, and talented. We are so pleased to announce and recognize several recent promotions and milestone achievements!

Jennifer Jacque

Senior Director | Accounts

We are thrilled to announce Jennifer has been promoted to Senior Director of Accounts. Jennifer has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a keen understanding of the intricacies involved in overseeing administrative and design aspects to ensure successful project completion and client satisfaction. Her wealth of experience will be invaluable in maintaining financial performance targets and serving as the primary liaison between PBD Account Clients and PBD project teams. We are confident that her expertise and leadership will continue to drive success for our team and contribute to the growth and prosperity of our company. Congratulations JJ!

Dakotah Lucas

Studio Director | Technology

Over the past 6 years, Dakotah has proven himself as an invaluable asset to PBD, initially joining us as a Project Architect and later taking on the crucial role of BIM Coordinator.Through his dedication and expertise, Dakotah has spearheaded integral updates to our technology and project processes, playing a pivotal role in advancing our capabilities. His leadership of the Technology Standards Committee has been instrumental in maintaining the highest quality across projects, while also acting as the go-to resource within the studio.Dakotah continues to be a resource and respected leader of PBD. Congratulations Dakotah!

Brittany Johnson

Office Administrator

We are happy to announce Brittany is starting her new role as Office Administrator. Over the past 2 years, Brittany has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and commitment in her previous position as Receptionist. Her attention to detail and proactive approach have significantly contributed to the smooth functioning of our office operations. In her new role, Brittany will oversee day-to-day administrative tasks and play a key role in streamlining office processes. We congratulate Brittany on this well-deserved promotion and look forward to her continued success. Congratulations Brittany!

Wiktor Czechura

Milestone Achievement | Senior Architect

Join us in congratulating Wiktor on his recent milestone achievements! Wiktor is now Senior Architects at PBD. He is a unique and invaluable part of the team and has contributed to the creation of a world class Architecture Firm. We couldn’t get it done without him! Thank you for your contributions and commitment to Partners by Design.