We take a deep dive into the inherent characteristics of your brand – the personality, the voice, the heartbeat, and soul – to spark emotion, impact an experience and awaken thought.

Spark are experts at interpreting and transforming the qualities of the brand identity into three-dimensional experiences. We create moments that provoke positive connections, engage the audience on a personal level and relate to them on human terms. We do this through our process of Discovery, Strategy, Detail, and Method.


Below is a list of services – provided in its’ entirety or ala carte in order to fashion a unique brand experience:

  • Specialty Designed Elements / Unique Pieces
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding / Directional Signage
  • Plant Design + Coordination
  • Staging
  • Art Coordination
  • Super Graphics / Wall Graphics
  • Digital Media / Content
  • Photography
  • Exhibit Design
  • Recognition / Donor Wall