The Workplace Watch Vol. 4



Welcome to Vol. 4 of The Workplace Watch addressing the paradigm shift which is now unfolding in the workplace.

As place-makers, designers of buildings, formers of urban environments, our AEC professions have a profound impact on the human condition. It is our responsibility to create and propose solutions that serve, protect and advance the health and welfare of the public, while also addressing global implications of our efforts.

In our fourth installment of this series, our focus is on new, ground-up building construction typologies. At this paradigm moment for humanity, we must commit to examine our design decision and construction processes with global implications. This holistic approach must prioritize both sustainable design, as well as, current and future “pandemic-type” responsive design.

Our goal with this series is to convey practical, functional, and action triggered approaches to some very critical issues to help tenants, building owners and developers overcome the challenges in the post-COVID-19 world. As with every sea-change, there’s a balance needed to elicit positive changes. The changes in process today should not only strive to ensure safety in the near-term, but provide long-term value.

Watch for our next piece focusing on Space Utilization Analysis in the pre, amid, and post COVID-19 environment.