The Workplace Watch Vol. 6

Welcome to Vol. 6 of The Workplace Watch. This week we’re introducing signage and concierge services designed to keep your shared spaces safe.

There is a paradigm shift unfolding in the workplace. In response, Spark, an environmental branding studio based in Chicago, is offering a variety of solutions for businesses of all types and sizes to pivot during this moment.

Many businesses had no choice but to react quickly to the dramatic sweeping changes across the country with alarming, make-shift visual communication. As businesses look ahead, greater value must be placed on visual communication and the audiences and users this communication serves.

Spark offers practical, sensitive, branded solutions for businesses and workers to communicate new protocols, enhance physical environments and engage remote workers.

“There is enough weighing on everyone’s day-to-day lives. Our goal is to offer psychological relief by making these signs accessible and friendly,” says Karyn Wanaski, president of Spark.



Spark-Kits (Print-on-Demand Signage)

Spark-Kits are designed collections of downloadable graphics to streamline health and safety communication in shared spaces, which allow owners and managers to quickly communicate new COVID-Responsible messages in a way that is both effective and approachable. Spark-Kits include lively reminders for hygiene, physical distancing, mask wearing and surface cleaning. Spark is expanding their product selection each week. Buy a Spark-Kit and you will receive digital files formatted to be produced on any standard printer. Once purchased, you can print a quantity of your choosing. Products range in price from $15 (one message) to $45 (an entire kit) with a generous portion of each sale donated to Feeding America.



Custom Graphics + Signage

Don’t see the message or tone that you need in Spark-Kits? Spark has you covered. Their studio is partnering with businesses nationwide to design custom solutions for unique cases. Customizable signage creates the opportunity to craft specific signage that reflects your brand’s tone, look and feel. Spark will work with you to determine a comprehensive signage plan for your return-to-work strategy, assessing your floorplan to identify ideal locations for signage and developing custom designs and messaging to align with your plan.



Wellness Kits

Wellness Kits are a concierge service that complement office signage and extend COVID-Responsible messaging beyond office walls. Whether you’re looking to equip shared spaces and workstations with hygiene and wellness essentials, or bring your culture home to remote workers, this concierge service provides a way to let employees know you care.

+ Gather Gear

Keep shared collaboration areas clean and equipped with hygiene and communication essentials, including cleansing wipes for shared surfaces, hand sanitizer, tissues, desk plants and room signage.

+ Positive Post

Stay in touch and brighten someone’s day with a personal postcard. Each card includes a blank area for address and messaging.

+ Remote Rescue

Bring your brand and culture home to remote workers in an essentials box, including office supplies and friendly reminders. The kit arrives in a box which doubles as an organizer, allowing workers to keep their remote tools collected and easy to find.

+ Desk Detox

Perfect for an individual worker returning to the office, desk kits come in an easy to stow tray and can be customized with hygiene and wellness essentials to make employees’ lives better, including desk plants, tissues, cleansing wipes, personal hand sanitizer, face coverings and wellness books.



For more information, visit Spark Kits website.