Architectural Visualizations

VIZfire is an all-in-one provider of a multitude of services, including photo-realistic renders, 3D modeling, 360º panoramic rendering, animations, virtual reality experience, and augmented reality models. Never comfortable with the status quo, VIZfire’s cutting-edge technology and drive for constant innovation take your project to the next level, letting you see the future. 100% Chicago-owned and operated, VIZfire prides itself on outstanding client communication throughout the entire design process. Find out more about what VIZfire can do for you at VIZFIRE.NET


High-resolution, photo-realistic services allow you to see an authentic interpretation of your design vision.


Video-guided tours let you experience your space in fully-formed visual animation.

360 Panoramic Tours

360º panoramic renders provide an opportunity to physically look around a highly detailed view of your design from your computer or mobile device. You can link a number of these panoramas together to create a virtual tour of your space.


Augmented and virtual reality provide a truly immersive and authentic connection with your design goals. State of the art technology places you inside your design, letting you interact within the space and relate to its potential like never before.