Confidential Client | Financial


Our client is a private equity firm specializing in strategic investments in technology and technology-enabled enterprises that drive innovation and disrupt established industries, ranging from biosciences to transportation, food, and health and wellness. In establishing their new corporate headquarters in Chicago, located in the vibrant West Loop, the client aimed to authentically celebrate and embrace the unique character of their locale. This endeavor sought to infuse their workspace with a sophisticated ambiance while maintaining a connection to the local identity.

The incorporation of their distinctive brand blue was of paramount importance throughout the design process. Given that several of the client’s industry partners sublease space within their premises, the challenge was to harmonize multiple suites within a single floorplate, ensuring a unified and cohesive environment. Noteworthy features of the space encompass bespoke architectural elements, such as the custom-branded café ceiling and the elevator lobby ceiling, contributing to a distinctive and refined corporate atmosphere.

  • Square Feet: 23,000

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Industry: Financial

  • Key People: