Trustwave’s first priority in renovating and consolidating their new space was evolving their culture. Highlighting their desire for an elegant, inviting, and sophisticated multi-generational office, the information security company was drawn to the design concept of a 2-story “town square.” Functioning as the heart of Trustwave’s office, Partners by Design created an atrium space to encourage social gatherings and collaboration throughout the day. The town square is adjacent to the reception area, game room and kitchen, while the customer experience center, conference rooms and collective enclave areas inhabit the floor above. In order to keep the atrium space functional for gatherings and events, the design team integrated presentation components and acoustical considerations by incorporating wood elements that move horizontally through the space via the ceiling, folding down the wall to encase technology. The open office neighborhood zones round out the space and keep it infused with the hustle and bustle of Trustwave life. The biggest challenge of the project was the extremely aggressive 10-week construction schedule—especially in regards to the scope of work to be accomplished, including the addition of a connecting stair. Despite intense hurdles, the design team sourced alternative materials to complete the project on schedule, such as substituting true millwork panels for wallcovering that gave the appearance of wood, yet could be manufactured and installed within the tight timeframe.

  • Square Feet: 107,000

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Industry: Technology

  • Key People: