Ensono provides IT solutions to clients looking to meet the demands of tomorrow, and they enlisted the team at Partners by Design to guarantee that their new office could do the same. Formerly Acxiom, Ensono brought in PBD to address the challenges it faced restacking its 300 employees from eight floors into three in this phased 70,000 square foot project located in Downers Grove, Illinois. Drawing its name from the concepts of zen and creativity, Ensono’s brand identity was infused into the new space, and their traditional office was upgraded to a bright, light, open workspace with collaboration zones to bring everyone together.

Balancing the highly specific needs of a tech environment with the desire for a major “wow” factor, the reception space features sharp angular accents that create a sense of movement when you enter, with crisp white marble pathways that contrast the warm tones of the wood grain panels. Both sleek and functional, the lunchroom is a modern mix of bright white and soothing gray with sophisticated pops of deep purple, and the elegant customer lounge has ample space to host breakout meetings. Showcasing Ensono’s cutting-edge high-security solutions and state of the art screens throughout, the large customer experience center features an abundance of tech, and draws attention to the custom boardroom table built with inlaid flatscreens for conferencing and presentations. Thanks to their collaborative efforts and PBD’s expertise, Ensono is now more capable than ever of providing the technology solutions that keep their clients ahead of the curve, in a space that actively encourages and achieves results.

Tom Harris Architectural Photography

  • Square Feet: 70,000

  • Location: Downers Grove, IL

  • Industry: Technology

  • Key People: