JSI Showroom


Partners by Design transformed JSI’s Fulton Market showroom into a multifaceted space, not just a showroom, where people come together to gather, learn, and shape the future. The collaborative effort with JSI’s creative team relocated the Chicago showroom from the Merchandise Mart to a light-filled, brand-centric space in Fulton Market. This innovative environment goes beyond showcasing products – it’s a hub for the JSI family and clients to engage, have fun, explore the company’s history, and envision the future. The design team prioritized creating an architecturally flexible backdrop, allowing for dynamic displays that evolve year after year, embodying JSI’s guiding principle of inspiring people to “Love What You Do.”

JSI’s deep-rooted belief in the power of inspiration is reflected in the showroom’s aesthetic, which seamlessly blends a contemporary feel with the company’s rich history and commitment to quality craftsmanship since its establishment in 1876. The space pays homage to the tradesmen and women who built JSI, incorporating artifacts and imagery that preserve the company’s legacy. Elements such as the reception display, slat walls, millwork, and hanging wood planks were crafted in-house by JSI’s team of skilled craftspeople. The design also emphasizes JSI’s values of family and hospitality, resulting in layouts and spaces that foster relationships and offer a new benchmark for workspace design.

Branding is artfully integrated into the showroom, showcasing JSI’s identity, craft, and heritage. Visitors experience a journey through time, encountering artifacts dating back to the late 1800s alongside playful and modern elements. Custom solutions take center stage, highlighting JSI’s craft capabilities and offering a range of possibilities for architects, designers, and dealers. The showroom isn’t just a static display – it’s an experiential platform where visitors can interact with furniture, test ergonomic features, and immerse themselves in diverse work environments. This dynamic space is not only a showcase for JSI’s exceptional furniture solutions but also a collaborative hub for industry events, workshops, and interactive demonstrations, fostering a vibrant community passionate about innovative workspace design.

  • Square Feet: 12,015

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Industry : Showroom

  • Key People:

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