PBD Wins the 2018 Interior Design Firm of the Year

Partners by Design is honored and humbled to take home the 2018 Interior Design Firm of the Year Award.  Thank you to the Chicago Real Estate community for your tremendous support of our nominated and completed projects: Cars.com, Trustwave and Private Client.

Take a look at some of thisyear’s winning projects!

With their sights set on attracting and retaining the best talent, Cars.com approached Partners by Design to create their new home as a bright, open space with a working environment reflective of collaboration and engagement. The resulting space is flooded in natural light and provides transparency and accessibility, enhancing the connections between people and departments.

Trustwave’s first priority in renovating and consolidating their new space was evolving their culture. Highlighting their desire for an elegant, inviting, and sophisticated multi-generational office, the information security company was drawn to the design concept of a 2-story “town square.” Functioning as the heart of Trustwave’s office, Partners by Design created an atrium space to encourage social gatherings and collaboration throughout the day. 

Taking full advantage of its new location, this infant formula manufacturer’s headquarters brings the aesthetic of the outside in. Situated at 444 West Lake with proximity to the Chicago River, the layout was influenced by the architecture of the building along with the river’s natural bordering edge. Partners by Design crafted custom wallcoverings, signage, and display walls to communicate the company’s brand, and through the detailed use of materials, lighting, glass, and branded art, they created a space that mirrors both company’s culture and the dynamic fluidity of their surroundings. 

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