Deanna Fritz

Senior Designer

  • Education:

    Iowa State University

  • Disciplines:

    Interior Design

  • “Every project presents unique challenges and a new opportunity to make the world a bit more beautiful. As designers and architects we have the privilege of making a global impact when we translate theory and identity into a built environment. Finding an elegant and cohesive solution is what drives me.”

    As a Senior Designer, Deanna brings a passion for design to every project she is a part of. With a portfolio varying in scale and scope she has developed strong industry knowledge and experience. As a project designer Dee is involved with all aspects of the design process, passionately working to foster strong relationships with clients, consultants and team members. She works closely with her fellow architects and designers to create a cohesive and collaborative design experience. Deanna strives to bring a unique flare to each and every space, paying close attention to detail in everything she does.